2012. december 30., vasárnap

HA-4451 Jantar 2b for sale

SzD-42-2 Jantar 2b for sale, due to fleet restructuring

India Foxtrot on the ground, photo shot in 2006

- Built in 1982
- Serial number: B-1132
- Hungarian registered: HA-4451, competition number IF
- Total hours: 3517 hrs, 5 mins
- Total takeoffs: 1369
- 3000 hour check completed in 2000
- nose and CG hook (suitable for aerotow and winch launch)
- Not flown since 2008
- Original paint job in average state
- Water ballast system
- Without instruments and radio
- 2x batteries + chargers
- Tail dolly
- Complete documentation
- No trailer
- This glider was inspected by SZD Jezów in October 2013, and was declared suitable for the lifetime extension program.

The fuselage in the workshop, undergoing maintenance (to illustrate the paint job's state)

- Location: Dunakeszi, Hungary (LHDK)
- Price: offers around 5.000 EUR are welcome
- pictures on request
- we don't accept checks, so please do not try the good old trick :) thanks

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